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Patrick Roy Jersey 1893-1993 Stanley Cup patch.


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Hey Guys...

Jersey link - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152766527615188.1073741825.643435187&type=3

Hope that worked...

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at what I got. I just have a few questions and wondered if I could get some help here. So what I have is a Patrick Roy Jersey that I got years ago. It has a 1893-1993 patch on it, as seen in the photos. Also has the 52, Maska-Ultrafil tag in the back, fighting strap, stitched numbers yadda yadda. So there are a few questions that I have about it.

1 - I was thinking of putting the Stanley Cup finals patch on it, the year they won the cup which was this year... good idea or no?

2- When I was younger I decided to wear it to a hockey practice (Super smart!) and just wondering if anyone has some cleaning tips. I did read the other post about cleaning them. But if anyone has anything to add as far as especially cleaning the "33" on the back it would be appreciated.

3 - Since I wore it should I sell it as gameworn so I can make more money?

4- I was thinking of sending it to have it autographed... Do you think it would be a good idea to get it customized w "Stanley Cup Champions - 1986, 1993"?? What would the value of this jersey be before and after? Just for home insurance purposes??

Thanks in advance guys... Look forward to your responses.

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Clearly a joke... : ) Would never sell it...

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I couldn't see the photo through your link, but if you decide to put the 1993 Cup Finals patch on it, the Canadiens used a French-language version, and they generally put the patch onto a swatch of knit material, which in turn was then sewn on top of the existing Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary patch, as in the following examples:


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Thanks for that. I seen the french ones on ebay.

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Unfortunately, the 100th ann cup patch that's on there currently should also be french...Habs and Nords never wore the english version.

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