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UVM Jersey Project


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Hello All

I am embarking on a long journey to try and document and chronicle the jersey history for my alma mater - the University of Vermont. Having seen a myriad of different designs over the years, I wanted to try and capture pictures and descriptions of all the different jerseys worn over the last 25+ years. My hope is that once complete it could be made available on the UVM athletics website or maybe even made into a display when UVM gets around to building a new hockey arena, which is slated for 2009.

I would appreciate your help in providing me high-res pictures of any UVM jerseys that you have along with as much detail as you know on it - most specifically what year and who wore it. If you don't know that info, I'm still interested in getting the pics since I will do the research on my end and let you know what I find out. Additionally, but not necessary - if you are willing to sell or trade it please let me know since I hope one day to make it a permanent fixture in a UVM sports history collection.

Any help you can provide is always appreciated.



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Very interesting project. Not of much help at the moment, but upon my return home I might be able to help out some. I have some photos somewhere around my apartment of UVM hockey. Will try to remember to look for them when I get home in May if you still need them at that point.

You might also consider contacting the athletic department at the University and they might be able to help out.

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You really need to contact the UofV athletic department and the hockey department in particular, if you haven't already.

To make a long story short, people I know have had really good luck getting cooperation from Minnesota when researching old jerseys. One thing that helps is they have team photos dating back to 1922 or so, decorating the concourse of the arena there.

Just searching the web probably won't be much help. Just the other day I was trying to find pictures of St. Cloud State from less than 10 years ago and from North Dakota from 20 years ago and came up with next to nothing. Not one photo of Ed Belfour from college and he won the National Champioship that year!

Game worn jersey sites might have some scattered shots though, but game action photos might be more than scarce.

Start here, and if there aren't any, try whatever he has in his links section as a starting point.


Good Luck!


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