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Inaugural Season Blue Jackets Jersey


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Hey everyone

I just bought an inaugural season authentic odelein white ccm jersey off ebay. And there are different shades of white stripes going down the jersey. They alternate from dark white to light white.

Is this normal?it looks legitimate, but feels a little light to the touch compared to an edge 2.0

Any help would be appreciated


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You probably want to post pics to get the expert opinions - I have seen something like that in one other jersey.

Not so much different shades as a pattern across the fabric that look like stripes.

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good point just was away from my computer on a business trip here is a photo.

Its tough to see without looking closely or having a dark colour underneath - i hope everyone can see the stripes. They are of equal height and are the same on the front and back of the jersey.


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The strips are correct for all navy and white CBJ 6100s.

That's a cool feature. I think I had noticed it in pictures before, but always thought it was a camera issue or something.

Was it just on the white away and navy home 6100s or was it on the navy 3rd jerseys as well? I've got a blank one of those I plan on making into a Manny eventually and I never noticed the striping.

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The 3rds are a solid navy.

BTW to the OP your jersey is not an inaugural jersey, but a 2001-2002 to 2002-2003. Inaugural jerseys used a different number font and were reverse kiss cut.


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