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Heat sealed number coming off

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What would be the best method for reattaching a heat sealed number that is coming off?

I have an old Nike game worn jersey that has two color numbers, but the bottom blue horizontal bar of the 2 has come off of the red under layer which creates the outline.

There's no tackiness left on the blue layer, so I can't just iron on again and it needs some help to be stuck down again. Since it's a thin layer of plastic material, I'm leery about damaging it with the wrong kind of adhesive if for some reason it reacts badly.

Anyone have any experience with this type of issue?

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I've never tried this but what I would think would work is 3M makes a spray adhesive made to hold up upholstery back up to the roof of a vehicle so it pretty tacky. If you could poke a small hole in the bottom layer of plastic through the mesh of the jersey just enough to get the red straw through and spray in between the two layers then place something heavy on the number so it would stick flat again

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Get a tube of this here Liquid Stitch. It goes on white but dries clear. Put it behind the number, put a towel underneath to absorb the excess and a book or something heavier on top to hold it in place and youre good to go. I did this for some hoodies and a shoulder patch on a friends replica jersey and its still holding. Its under $5 in the farts and crafts section of Wally World.


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