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SEL Jersey Questions

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Hey guys, I have been looking into getting a Landeskog Djurgården Jersey and I'm nervous to buy one without knowing more about the quality and the sizing. (I live in Oklahoma so I'd be ordering directly from swede)

I'm looking to get their blue one and the sizes ar "S/M" "L/XL" and "XXL" and I don't know how their sizing works. I have an Avs O'Reilly jersey that is a size "Small" and I can wear a "Medium" easy but the big thing is I can not fit in anything smaller than the RBK Premier "Small" So any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Also, do you know how good the quality is on their customizations? I don't mind "tackle twill" or what ever the mess they call it but I really would NOT want screen printing if I can help it.

Thanks for any help you can give me on the sizing and quality of SEL jerseys.

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You're actually pretty lucky. When I bought a jersey from over there they were sized numerically like a 5 or 6... L-XL-XXL is at least in the ballpark in North America. Chances are the customization is sublimation like the majority of the fan jerseys in Europe. I just saw a thread on here where someone got a MODO blank and had the FORSBERG lettering custom done and it looks much better than the sublimation. As Anthony said, a link would be helpful and try also "Google Translate" when surfing the Euro team sites.

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I would be careful if you are picky at all. Contact somebody at the team directly if you can. I looked into buying SEL jerseys a couple of years ago and to start with the team wouldn't ship to North America. I was told by a Swedish collector most SEL teams do not sell retail authentics and the quality of the replicas would be inferior to what you would expect here and they are very thin. He also said the name and number, if you can get one, would most likely be screen printed.

I never got one. As I said, it's been 2 or 3 years and it's possible that has changed. But if you are concerned about quality at all, I would definitely try to email somebody directly to ask questions. Most Swedes speak at least some English and I have had good luck with getting response from my questions.

Good luck. Hope you can get what you want.

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Yeah, I'm not looking for Authentics. Really somewhere in line with my RBK Avs Premier jersey or even my Internation 2010 Olympic Team USA Jersey which is fairly thin itself. I mostly want something that looks good.

I've emailed them and included the English message and a web-translated copy of what I said in swedish so I hope it will work. I'd really like one of these.

As for shipping to the USA. The webstore has an option to ship to America so I'm assuming that has changed.

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