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Lumberjacks IHL early/mid 90s shoulder patch


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Judging from the attached picture, it looks like the Jacks added a left shoulder patch at some point in the 94-95 season. My best guess is that it was the primary crest logo as a shoulder patch. My second guess is maybe it was a playoffs patch? Can anyone help me sort this out?


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Road jersey history after move from Muskegon to Cleveland:

92-93- 1st year with the "CLEVELAND" in diagonal from right shoulder to left hip. No shoulder patches. M sports. First year in Richfield.

93-94- added "Lumberjacks" primary logo as shoulder patches. Bauer. Last year in Richfield.

94-95- IHL 50th anniversary patch on right shoulder, primary logo on left. Bauer. Last year of black and gold and script logo. First year at Gund Arena.

95-95- New logo with grey shoulders. Bauer.

96-00- Shoulders changed from grey to black. "CLEVELAND" in logo changed from outline to block lettering. Bauer.

00-01- Tagged as "SP" instead of Bauer.

June 2001- Team folds.

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