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Question about Capiyals Winter Classic

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Hello,a member here,can't remember wwhich one recommended EPS for a Kit...guy named Josh was awesome and helpful and fast and said it would be identical to the teams as they did them....on that note it arrived today and for some reason I thought the red was above the blue and not stacked.Just hoping I got the right stuff.thx.


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Thank you Guam64..two more quick questions..

1. is everything accurate including name bar and fonts and everything else,so I can write Josh a big thanks and sew er up?


2.is there anything special my guy should know about stitching it on,Im not sure if there is diferent meathods or stitching to be accurate..


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1. Yes as far as I can tell. EPS does the Ice Wizards gamers so you should be good to go.

2. It's the usual sewing down the outer layer only. Meigray should have plenty of pictures for positioning and closeups of the stitching. It's a relatively simple jersey to do. Just make sure you don't send it to Rangers fans in New Jersey, those guys are known for teabagging the jerseys they sew. :lol:

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