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Can someone explain to me what these are?


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They are probably the uncrested game wear jerseys that Reebok makes in all the NHL teams colors and they slapped on the Montreal logo. I have a Ducks 3rd goalie cut for ball hockey and the material looks the exact same, reebok wordmark bellow the collar and no NHL logo

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They look like some very large Reebok Team-Wear goalie shirts with Canadiens logos sewn on after the fact. Reebok makes uncrested un-licensed jerseys with the same color templates as their NHL counterparts, but with nothing else to do with the NHL. Someone seems to have found some extra C-H emblems to sew onto those shirts.

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I'd have to agree with what most have said about "they slapped a crest on a retail jersey"

I bought a Sens alt that was not crested and it looks like the same material.

If you buy one to play in - plan on cutting the sleeves, unless you have long arms.

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