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single team collections

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Haha didnt you get my Smithson? :thumbsup: Ironically, I kinda wish I had it back! Not sure what I was thinking selling any mustard jersey ever.

And, thank you!! Its also a major work in progress.

Yeah I have the Smithson. Love it. Your momentary lapse in judgement filled a hole in my collection. Thanks.

I would like to eventually have a home and road from each style of jersey. The problem is that I'm also working on a home and road from each Thoroughblades season. After searching for years without much luck, several have popped up recently.

When I get the money, the next jerseys I want to add to my Nashville collection are a NHL 2000 patched jersey, a tenth season patched jersey, and an inaugural season jersey.

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Just finished this year's update to my website. 3 Players left to get the top 25 games played completed. 5 jerseys left to get a home / road / alt for each season. 13/14 page added and lots of updates to 98/99.



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Thanks so much guys, the 3 Im missing for the top 25 are readily available on MG, I just gotta decide to give them my money at some point. Now that Im this close Ill have to do it this summer during their sale I guess. The 5 to complete the home/road/alt for each year is gonna be tougher. And yeah, there is definitely no urgency on the Suter... ugh

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I cant speak for everyone else but I just reduce the thumbnail size and take a screenshot of my picasa page. photobucket is skr8 up 2006.


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Just one amazing collection after another! Awesome, guys.

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Awesome collections. Once I move next month, I'll be doing mine. Sioux of course. :)

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