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Reputable online memorabilia dealers


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I am on the search for some reputable online memorabilia dealers. Someone has asked me to help them find an autographed jersey as a retirement present for a DC sports fan. Personally, I care more about game worn or authentic jerseys than an autographed jersey, but this is what they are looking for I'm told. Generally I buy jerseys on eBay, forums, or MeiGray, but eBay doesn't generally come with strong provenance when it comes to autographs and game worn items aren't quite what they want.

A lot of the sites I'm finding on Google are showing me questionable items such as clearly fake jerseys that are signed. The autographs may be real (I don't know one way or another), but I'm less likely to trust a site that sells bootleg jerseys with "authentic autographs" on them. Not a good combo in my eyes.

I know Steiner is reputable (if not overpriced), but unfortunately they don't have much in the way of DC players. I'm ideally looking for (assuming the price is palatable) a signed jersey of Alexander Ovechkin/Peter Bondra on the Caps, Robert Griffin III or a classic Redskins player, or Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg/Ryan Zimmerman of the Nats. Nobody on the current Wizards roster stands out.

Does anybody have experience with memorabilia websites or suggestions? Who is legit? Or even who to avoid based on bad experiences? Thanks!

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I second Frozen Pond/AJ Sportsworld.

But if buying jerseys, check their jersey numbers they are not always accurate.

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