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Help!! '87-88 Green North Stars with JM Patch Pics


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Hey guys, I'm looking to find pics of North Stars from '87-88 wearing their road/green jerseys with the JM patch, and who all wore the C or A during the season.

I've found a bunch of gamers -




but I really want to see some action pics, and mainly looking for pics of Neal Broten or Brian Bellows to see if they wore the C or A or not with the JM patch, and odds are not, but if Dino happened to wear the A at some point, that would be great to see too.

I'm kind of surprised how many cards and photos are out there, and how few show them with the JM patch. I've found some of Giles, McRae, Acton, and some of the other usual suspects who wore letters with the stars, but haven't found any from that year showin them with a letter and the JM patch.


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Is it entirely possible that they didn't wear that patch for the entire season? Some of the vids I checked out labeled as 87-88 didn't even have the patch visible. It isn't green, but check out the 38 second mark of this one. I hope this helps a little.

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It's a fact that they did not wear the jerseys with JM patches through the entire 87-88 season. These JM patched jerseys actually originate from the previous 86-87 season. The patches were added on the jerseys already in late spring 87 and the same jerseys was recycled for the first half of 87-88 season. I don't have knowledge of the exact date they switched to new jerseys during 87-88 season but as the video above proves they did have new jersey in January 88 for sure.

Pretty much all headsots in the 87-88 yearbook have players wearing patched white jerseys. And at least white Basil McRae jersey is out there with an "A".

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John Mariucci died March 24, 1987.

November 18, 1987 saw a game with Minnesota at Chicago. The North Stars had their greens, but no patches. Obviously they came off the greens between these two dates.

November 21, 1987 saw a game between Boston and Minnesota, with patches on. Minnesota was in their whites. These were off by December 27.

As for captains or A's, Craig Hartsburg had the C. He went down in early December, but the patches were off the greens and most likely off the whites by that point.

Road games to account for in between here:

March 25, 1987 @ Toronto

March 27, 1987 @ New Jersey

March 29, 1987 @ Washington

April 1, 1987 @ Chicago

April 4, 1987 @ St. Louis

October 8, 1987 @ Buffalo - Minnesota had patches

October 12, 1987 @ NY Rangers - Minnesota had patches

October 19, 1987 @ Montreal

October 22, 1987 @ Quebec

October 24, 1987 @ Toronto

October 27, 1987 @ St. Louis

November 3, 1987 @ Detroit

November 8, 1987 @ Chicago

November 13, 1987 @ Buffalo

November 14, 1987 @ Washington

November 18, 1987 @ Chicago - Minnesota DID NOT have patches

Home games to account for

November 21, 1987 v Boston - Minnesota had patches

November 25, 1987 v St. Louis

November 27, 1987 v. Montreal

December 1, 1987 v. Toronto

December 10, 1987 v. St. Louis

December 12, 1987 v. Quebec

December 16, 1987 v. Chicago

December 19, 1987 v. New Jersey

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