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Removing "pilling"

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Straight edge razor blade maybe?

That's what I was thinking. I tried cutting it with some tiny scissors, but couldn't even get the blade to close on it.

I actually just used my electric beard trimmer and went gently across it and it worked pretty well. It was on an airknit Proplayer, but I don't know if I'd try it on a rare ultrafil.

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I have had success using a sharp pair of scissors and just clipping enough to let it blend. (works better on air knit then Ultrafil)

Be careful because I have had one incident where it left what looked like a little dent in the fabric. (Leafs Ultrafil)

Fortunately it was on a test jersey that I was stripping for the fight strap and name plates.

I asked at a fabric store and they suggested a small crochet needle and try to push the piling back in.

Haven't tried it yet but figured it was worth suggesting.

Good luck!

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1. There are sweater shavers that you can buy for the $10-15 range. Can be a little rough in the wrong hands, and on some material. But for crest edges that stick out this can be a good option.

2. Go to the drugstore and buy a small pair of toenail clippers and use that to carefully remove any imperfections.

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Actually just found them cheap on eBay. May just buy one to keep in hand, even though I seemed to have fixed this one fairly well.

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