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Brian Leetch 2001-02 with 9/11 Ribbon


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I had bought this sweater right after 9/11 at Gerry Cosby's outside of MSG and I never noticed but it seems Cosby's didn't stitch the 9/11 ribbon on my sweater... Jersey has been washed many, many times, but the ribbon seems to be glued on securely to the sweater.. Anybody else have a Cosby Rangers on ice authentic with the same 9/11 patch glued on? Wondering if I should have my local seamstress stitch it on or just leave it since it has never come loose...


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Here's what the game patches looked like:


It's a completely embroidered piece. I've seen replicas that basically the same ribbon only embroidered onto a piece of white twill to form the outer border.

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No, you misunderstood my statement. The patch itself is an embroidered piece; it's not embroidered into the jersey. Some of the repro ones out there though are embroidered onto a separate piece of twill.

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