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New Jersey Devils Jersey Help


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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I am looking to get a New Jersey Devils Shanahan Old style jersey (Christmas jersey) and I want to make sure that its as accurate as possible. When looking at pictures I see that he had two style of fonts for the number 11. Can someone help me with when the Devils wore theses style fonts. Please see the pictures as refence. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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This might help


They used the straight 1's for the 91/92 season. I've also seen gamers up until 1988 I belive which had the block on the bottom of the one. So it all depends which jersey you have. If you have the big block CCM then the OBO e customized jersey is correct. If if you have the small block CCM jersey with out the NHL shield the you can use the square block 1's.

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Beautiful Shanny jersey. I did some more digging around and it looks like Shanny wore the 11 with the block at the bottom in his rookie year (87-88). The team photo from 87-88 looks like the block 11. 88-89 team photo looks like the straight 11.

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Just make sure of the jersey you have - I'm pretty sure the '87 jerseys were solid color ccm logos, and the '88-89s were green green red

Ya, both home and road '87-88 had white white white logos and were air-knit -



You should post pics of your actual jersey

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Thanks for your help. That's why I came here. I knew you guys would know. I'm learning alot from this Site.

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