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CHI, DET, PHI make 3 way trade & Smolinski to the nucks'


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Here is the three-way from TSN: Hawks, Wings, Flyers cut deal.

The trade:

~To the Philadelphia Flyers:

*Lasse Kukkonen

*3rd round pick

(Both from CHI for Calder)

~To the Detroit Red Wings

*Kyle Calder (from CHI for Williams)

~To the Chicago Blackhawks

*Jason Williams (from DET for Calder)

-Philadelphia continues to bolster the blueline

Here is the Blackhawks & Canucks Trade: Canucks add Sopel & Smolinski

Here is the trade:

~To the Vancouver Canucks

*Bryan Smolinski

~To the Chicago Blackhawks

*Conditional 2nd Round pick

The Canucks have made another deal, this time with LA: Canucks add Sopel & Smolinski

Here is the trade:

~To the Vancouver Canucks:

*Brent Sopel

~To the Los Angeles Kings:

*2nd round pick

*4th round pick

The Sens & Caps make a deal: Senators add Nycholat for Hedlund, pick

Here is the trade:

~To the Ottawa Senators:

*Lawrence Nicholat

~To the Washington Capitals:

*Andy Hedlund

*6th round pick in 2007

Finally the Lightning and Ducks hammer out a deal: Ducks acquire 1st rounder from Lightning

Here is the trade:

~To the Tampa Bay Lightning:

*Shane O'Brien

*3rd round pick

~To the Anaheim Ducks:

*Gerald Coleman

*1st round pick

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I see Calder and Williams as fairly interchangeable players. If I'm Chicago, I'd rather have Williams than Calder though. I love the way Philly has built a formidable blue line in days. I'm starting to really like their team. If they can move Sanderson or Hatcher tomorrow, I will become a part-time Flyers fan. Pitkanen, Picard, Coburn, Parent, Kukkonen. All under 25 (?). Looking excellent. I think Detroit gets the short end of the stick on this deal, as Williams and Calder seem interchangable to me, and Calder is the oldest player involved. He might fit in in hockey town a little better than Williams though. Fairly even deal. Philly wins it, because Chicago's 3rd will be high in the third.

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Not many in Detroit are sad to see Williams go. Might be a nice guy and all with a lot of potential in shoot outs, but ever since his collision earlier this year, he hasn't been his old self. He was tentative in a lot of situations and became a nonfactor as the season wore on.

Not sure what to expect of Calder, but at the worst case scenario, Calder can't be any worse than Williams.

I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor over the Bertuzzi deal to the Red Wings.

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