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Where to find Penguins' original blue twill

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Hey guys.

Does anyone know a vendor who has the Columbia blue twill used to make the numbers/letters in the Penguins' first-year white road jersey?


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Uhm.......well there is one thing you can do. You can use my flux capacitor but it requires 1.21 gigawatts to be used and is offen in conjunction with plutonium or a lightning strike. Let me know if you want to borrow it.

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I had my 67-68 replica customised by David Frost...I couldn't find a good photo of the correct #2 at the time, which is a bummer...but he did a good job of matching the blue on the jersey (which I admit seems a little dark).


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Frosty is doing my 1968 Penguins jersey also. But, the Columbia blue twill he has, and which is the same twill used on your jersey, is darker than the blue on my jersey.

After I made this post, I located a textile outlet in N Carolina that carries Columbia blue twill. I'm waiting for them to send me an example to determine if it's the same shade as the blue in my jersey. Apparently there are different shades of Columbia blue.

The pix above, No. 20, is the original jersey. My jersey is below. As you can see, the number font is not even close, and the blue is much lighter than your jersey:


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Yee-ow. Yeah, that 3 is kinda brutal.

Looking in NC is a great idea...you'd think there'd be some shops in Chapel Hill that'd carry a color like that for all the TarHell items they customize.

Good luck to ya!

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