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Some Big name player sticks for sale Lemieux, Sakic, Oates , Bourque game used


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I have sold 10 so now I have 6 sticks for sale

-Mario Lemieux Game Used koho revolution , with tape and some good use untracked blade is autographed. 400$ OR OBO

-2 RAY Bourque Koho sticks form his cup run with the avs

400$ each both sticks still have tape on blade and taped the way Ray always taped his sticks. #7 SC in marker on one of the sticks

500$ or OBO

-Adam Oates HALL OF FAMER stick KOHO nicely taped good use 200$ OR OBO

Chris Chelios Stick autographed blade

200$ or OBO

i also have a Joe Sakic stick autographed from the stick rack no use 150$ OR OBO

email me for pics sungod661@hotmail.com

i would be willing to sell them as a lot as well

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Is the Chelios a Hawks stick??

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here are picks i can't answer all the emails back sorry i posted on a few boards and i can't get to all the emails

Lemieux stick:



Bourque stick #1




Bourque stick 2




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