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The most often screwed up jersey ever


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I don't know how or why this happened the first time, but after all these years there doesn't seem to be any excuse for this to still be happening.

CCM came out with their Vintage line of jerseys and made the 1990-91 North Stars white jersey.

The first problem was that they made the star on top of the "N" backwards.


This was later corrected, but not before I bought one and realized the error.

Then, for some unexplainable reason, they made the numbers wrong, putting the white part of the "9" for Modano in the lower right of the yellow area, causing the "drop shadow" to go up and to the left, when the drop shadow should drop down and to the right of the white part of the number. Once that was established as the standard lettering style, it's really never been corrected.

Check out these examples.


Here is a proper game worn example. Click on it for a larger view.


Now, 19 out of 20 vintage North Stars jerseys on ebay have the wrong numbering on them and it makes me crazy that so many people are buying them not knowing they are wrong and it also bothers me that this style appears to be set in stone, even though it's been known since they hit the market that they are not right and would be so easy to correct. Just place the white layer in the upper left and sew it down. It's not like it's the wrong font, it's just not being assembled the right way due to lack of attention to detail.

Does anyone else have a particular jersey style they frequently see done wrong?

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Boy you're right. I just checked the one that I have and the star is wrong. Mine isn't signed so the lettering isn't a factor but I do notcie the star now that you mention it. That's pretty funny. Maybe it's worth more when screwed up!

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I've never seen a North Stars jersey for sale with the correct number font, unless it's game worn. Three-color drop shadow numbers and letters are rarely reproduced 100% properly (Rangers come to mind). This is when I wish NHL teams would use the K.I.S.S. idealogy. The Coyotes '97-'03 jerseys were sold with a lot of unacceptable numbering jobs, like with pointy 7's on Tkachuk and Roenick jerseys or sharp angles on the bends in the 5's on Khabibulin jerseys; corners were always rounded on Coyote jersey numbers, except on the bottoms of 2's.

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I believe part of the problem may come from the fact that the Rangers numbers go the opposite way (eg, shadow is bottom left, while North Stars is bottom right). This probably results in customizers trying to just use the Rangers font for the North Stars jerseys. (FYI... we do them both right! :thumbsup: )

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