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2011 Heritage Classic

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Anyone got tickets for this or heading down for the game??

I like the new Flames jersey. Not to shabby. The patches are nice looking too. I wouldn't mind a Iggy. The habs one is the same just with the heritage patch on it.

I don't see a point of having US classic and a Canadian classic! Why bother!?! They are both outdoor games! They both are NHL teams! what IS the diffrence! The only people who really give a crap is the networks and the sponcers.

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I think you sort of answered your own question. But yeah I agree with you, it's stupid there are 2 outdoor games. Quite possibly teams would have to wait much longer to play outdoors if the NHL only had 1 outdoor game per season. And maybe some of those same teams would continue to complain they weren't chosen, fans cry, etc. Though I think if there are future games outdoors in Canada, they should be held at larger venues. The stadium where the Heritage Classic is being held doesn't seat very many... I know that's somewhat of an issue in Canada since all the NHL markets don't have huge football stadiums like the US cities. But just something for the commish to consider.

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I loved the Flames jersey paired up with the creme colored breezers. Amazing uniform.

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