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Customizing / Stripping from a rookie


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I am new to this, and I am sure that there are many topics on here about stripping and customizing that would guide me but I have a couple of quick questions, I apologize in advance if any of this is supposed to go somewhere else, but i will try to be brief.

1.I have a 90's Starter Rangers blue lace up, without the NHL crest at the top of the laces (I dont know what year that started). It has a Starter logo and a teal Eastern Conference logo on the back hem. This is clearly a replica. It is blank. I would like to customize it with just numbers. Is there any reason why this jersey cannot be customized? Are there certain quality levels below which sewing heavy duty numbers and lettering onto a jersey would turn out looking bad because the weight of the stitching and numbers is just too much for the fabric?

2. I am considering stripping a M & N Rangers 1978 Duguay vintage jersey and putting on a different player, does anyone have any reason to believe that it cannot be done? Like if there might be something different about the way M & N puts their customization together that makes it difficult to remove? I am thinking of turning it into Tkaczuk, so the numbers are similar.

3. Will there always be some amount of glue under even the best customization job? Is it used to hold position before sewing?

Thank you

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She might be a bit nervous at first but once the adrenaline takes over and those singles start flying in it won't feel any different.

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