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AHL Game worn prices....can you help me???


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Hey People,

i think i received a really bad offer, but maybe you can confirm to me.

normally i thought a price for an AHL gamer is between 200 and maybe 350. That i saw for the Hartford ones, also Binghampton jerseys and Providence on their site.

Now i received an email from Texas Stars Equipment manager for the Blindenbacher jersey. He wants 500$ for that. sorry but isn't that too much for a AHL Game jersey????

Meigray sells some NHL jerseys cheaper then that....lol

maybe you can help me...i think this guy from Texas Stars thinks that i don't know the market and wants to take some more bucks out of my pockets;)

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The market for gamers is what someone is willing to pay for them.

You are asking about a jersey from the current season, $500 is not a completely outrageous offer. It most likely won't sell for that much on the secondary market, but as long as the team has the jersey they can dictate the price. Given that you have already disclosed your interest in the jersey, there is no reason for them to lower the price now that they know there is demand. Your best bet is to remain patient and hope it doesn't sell for long enough for the team to lower the price, or hope it ends up in the secondary market.

If you think the guy is gouging you because you are Swiss, you can try to send him an email from an anonymous email account asking for the prices of the available jerseys, obviously without disclosing that you are Swiss. If he quotes you the same prices, well, you aren't going to end up with the jersey without ponying up $500.

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Like I said in the PM say that its a bit out of your price range and offer around $350, which could be pushing it. I know the player is special to you, so mention that and see if you can drive the price down. Ask if the Texas Stars usually sell their jerseys for that amount too. Like Fire Boudreau said, if people pay that much for jerseys already the team will expect that kind of payment for current jerseys.

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