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Reebok Pre Edge Flyers Third Jersey


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I just picked up a RBK 6100 orange third Flyers jersey on ebay.

I have heard that the nameplate material and proper font is very hard to find. I do have an old replica jersey that I would be willing to cut up to use as nameplate material but I am more concerned about the font. Has anyone here had this jersey done by EPS? Or by anyone else for that matter.


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SportsK has customized authentics of the Flyers jersey you are speaking of:


That customization they have for theirs looks good to me, but it's hard to tell because the images aren't up close. If their customization is correct, you might as well send your Flyers jersey to them. I would try contacting them. Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

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EPS has the orange airknit material for the nameplate and if you look under authentic flyers jerseys on ebay, a few orange thirds that are customized are being sold by someone. The font and numbers were dead on so I contacted him and he stated that EPS customized them. So I guess EPS is your best bet but to be sure send a picture with what you want done.

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