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World Junior Championships


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The World Junior Championships are now underway and here's some links to help you follow the action.

Results, scores & live tracker

This is the tournament schedule. While games are in progress, you can follow the games live by clicking on the "live" link in the results column. This will open a new window that will automatically update the game stats. It's pretty basic, but gets the job done. Definetly room for improvement though, as it doens't have a game clock. The only way you can get an update on the time is when there is a penalty or a goal. If a scoreless, penalty free period happens, you won't see any changes, other than perhaps shots on goal.

Official tournament website

The official site actually doesn't seem to have much to offer other than a flavor of what it's like to be in the area. Best for the arena info.

Hockey Canada's WJC homepage

A good place to find stories on the tourney and Team Canada.

USAHockey.com WJC page

Listen to all the USA games LIVE via audiocast on the web!

TV info

Most USA games will also be shown live on the NHL Center Ice package. This link contains the game schedule.

Feel free to add any other links you may have below


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