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Vintage Jerseys


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Hi everyone,

After following these boards a bit and getting excited about the jersey collection hobby based on the enthusiasts on here, I've decided to join in on the fun. I've been wanting to start a collection for as long as I can remember and I finally have after being given a Nordiques jersey with Sundin's #13 on it for my 30th b-day.

It turned out great. The letters and numbers were stitched beautifully. I was a little disappointed however that the logo and the fleur-de-lis were pressed on. After some thought though, I figured that vintage jerseys are replicas as opposed to authentics, hence the press ons. Am I right in my assumption?

I'm on a vintage jersey kick -- I love the logos and colours of the old jerseys. Also takes me back to my childhood. My next few jerseys I'm looking at grabbing are the Canucks ('92 version), Jets, North Stars and Whalers.

Just wanted to introduce myself and I look forward to discussing jerseys with you.

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If it looks like this you are correct in your assumption. The CCM 550 vintages are not "on ice" authentic but they still are good quality. Usually the crest and patches are glued on.

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