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The Official IceJerseys MLB thread

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Just got these six back from the EPS Spring Sale. Yes I know the Crawford needs a 10th Anniversary Patch (I have one just need to sew down).

McCutchen 2016 Mother's Day

48596284087_713fe2de14.jpg 48596146561_db456b4f1f.jpg

Xander Bogaerts 2016 Mother's Day

48596284017_43d8366f28.jpg 48596283162_9dc1790e92.jpg

Kevin Kiermaier Rays Columbia Blue Alt

48596284562_8bb7d35908.jpg 48596145621_11c865c6f0.jpg

Kevin Kiermaier Home


Justin Morneau '05 Road (only year they wore this as Majestic without a patch - I can't find any patch from 06-08 that is reproduced well enough)

48596145311_7bcde13d50.jpg 48596283252_3c93c37b38.jpg

Carl Crawford Green Alternate

48596145151_2609b840b9.jpg 48596284212_8c6f88682d.jpg

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Hey, where'd you get those blue and green Rays jerseys???

New stuff!

2019 Reds 1956 throwback worn on July 7th against Cleveland by starting pitcher Tyler Mahle (L - 4 IP, 6 H, 3 ER):


1991 road Mickey Morandini:


1992 TBTC (1942) worn by Terry Mulholland:


1992 TBTC (1948) worn by Wally Backman:


I hate the Phillies but they've always had some great looking uniforms.

Next, a retail 1997 Tampa Bay Devil Rays:


This style was never worn on the field but was used during the team's introduction prior to fielding an actual team. It's famous for the rainbow trim around only ONE sleeve for whatever reason. The funny thing is that when this jersey was worn, Wade was actually still on the Yankees! But who else could I put on an early TB jersey?

Next, a 2018 Nationals Stars and Stripes blank I got cheap on eBay and turned into a Blue(Brown) Eye:


And finally the topper of them all....only available on MLB.com for a few hours before selling out forever, the 1969 Expos throwback worn by the Nats against Kansas City on July 6th to commemorate both clubs' inaugural season:


These were so nice, I had to buy them twice.


I had to wait over a month and a half for them to fulfill the order but it was worth it!

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That vest throwback and gradient Rays are awesome (need one of those)  

The Expos throwback is pretty cool too. 

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I got these lettered up back in November.

Brandon Phillips Alt

49155726316_c61a06eacd.jpg 49155233498_66978000c0.jpg

Joey Votto TBTC

49436542636_35c7f47bda.jpg 49436542536_8bb3cb123e.jpg

Ken Griffey Jr. Alt Vest

49155942307_29136fc415.jpg 49155942122_31268d26ff.jpg

Then I grabbed this game issued of the 2018 Marlins TBTC vest for pretty cheap. Scrub player that I'll one day strip and probably make a Brian Anderson (the Marlins roster was awful this past year).

49436763607_df5b1a4884.jpg 49436763562_61cb92f80e.jpg

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That Votto is hot hot hot! I had a reproduced version of that. Simple and easy but very sharp looking.

The Marlins need to go back to that color scheme and identity. It was so much better than the crap they've worn since.

Seeing this thread reminds of that I'd bought some more stuff in the last few months. Let's go through them, shall we? First, a guy who at least made the Hall of Fame ballot, Billy Wagner. His 2001 post-9/11 road alternate:


Speaking of Wagner, his rookie jersey from the ONE game he appeared in way back in 1995 at Shea Stadium (with one of my favorite patches from that era):


Then, a really wild flannel Tampa Tarpons "throwback" from 1999 worn by hitting coach Leon Roberts:


and finally, what just showed up today, a 2010 Tarpons throwback worn by Eric GRANT Balfour (who the hell is Eric Balfour???):


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I need to get some old Astros stuff. 

Might do a Biggio or Berkman with the Enron Field patch (talk about an odd ball patch).

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Probably going to hold off for a bit. I don't think they are all that different from the Flex Bases and the price points are stupid (as nice as those new Padres and Brewers are). 

Plus I'm not in a huge baseball mood with the Sox trading away Mookie in a cap dump move.

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I don’t prefer it either, and yeah they’re still expensive. Cubs home jersey is $250+ for a blank I believe. 

I’ll probably keep holding out for a pre-flex blank, but those are rare. 

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Last time I checked, MLB Shop had a lot of old Majestic stuff on clearance in preparation for the Nike changeover. You might be able to find a Cubs jersey for a decent price.

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Reviving this thread from the dead. Had an 80's authentic Cubs jersey that, iirc, Brilliant did up as a Sandberg for me 8 or 9 years ago. Had a crappy NL Champ patch on the sleeve because that was all I could find. Finally got ahold of a much closer match and had it sewn on. I need to steam/iron this thing


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Jeez, you can't even show the killer job I did on the back?? Thanks a lot!

Full disclosure here: I have ZERO recollection of ever doing that one for you! But I'll take your word.

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Had the original Jackie Robinson 50th patch kicking around. Had taken it off an old replica jersey (we all started young and a bit dumb in this hobby) and finally found an appropriate jersey for it, thanks to krukcards getting a bunch of team-issued 1997 jerseys from the Cardinals! I'm not particularly attached to any player from that team and was absolutely NOT going to get McGwire, so I chose a pitcher I didn't mind when I was forced to watch the Jays as a kid... and I looooove the chain stitching! As for the customization, while expensive, The Dream Shop lived up to reputation!




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Bill Henderson is good people. I've worked with him for a few years now and he can do basically anything. I would recommend him above all others for MLB stuff. That is a great Cards jersey too. You don't see the 90's Rawlings ones around too often. I found an 80's pullover version a few months ago that appears to be coming off all clean.

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2 hours ago, Brilliant! said:

Bill Henderson is good people. 

You're not wrong there. Even with enough work for a turnaround time no shorter than 8 weeks, he still replies to emails within a day, maybe two tops... which is more than I can say for most of the hockey customizers we have now. I'll be using Bill for the blank baseball jerseys I have on my rack.

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Does anyone know how the Nike sizes match up to majestic. I believe they used the same template as majestic for last year and this year they will have their own?

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On 2/7/2021 at 12:18 PM, zilch said:

Does anyone know how the Nike sizes match up to majestic. I believe they used the same template as majestic for last year and this year they will have their own?

On Facebook, find "Bill Henderson: The Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys / The Dream Shop" page (if you haven't already). Bill posted this morning with what appears to be some photos and information regarding the new Nike 2021 jerseys. They don't look too great from a first impression.

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