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Identifying age of a Jersey

Hockey Bob

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I have a few jerseys' that I don't know how to identify what era they are from, can anyone suggest a thread where i can get more information?

I have a white Detroit Red Wings and a Yellow Boston Bruins jersey.

The majority of the jersey's I have are from the early 90's (Ultrafil / Air Knit) but this material is different and the style of each seems to be of an older era (no fight straps and laces on the collar). I acquired them from a guy I was playing hockey with about 15 years ago - he was struggling with his 6 lb ancient leather gloves and I bought him a new set to show appreciation he gave me the gloves and the two jerseys.

I can't figure out how to insert pictures so if anyone can help I would appreciate it.

From the one data base I found http://www.nhluniforms.com/Bruins/Bruins.html they look like jerseys from the late 50's..

Thanks Bob

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If you can, take pictures of the collar tags and cresting on the front. That'll help identify what period it's from. If it's a YELLOW Bruins jersey and it's as old as you think, it could be the gold Sunday jersey they used to wear in the 1950 and 1960's. I believe that Wilson actually made those for the B's back then.

To host pictures, you'll need to have them posted to an image site. Then, find the direct link to the image. It'll usually have an extension of .jpg or .png or .gif or something like that. Then, add it between these tags:

[ img ][ /img ]

only remove the spaces between the brackets. See if that works. If not, send me a message and I can help you out with it.

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