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Yzerman nike jersey help


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Bought this jersey off ebay from someone in Canada 4-5 years ago, never really questioned its authenticity considering i felt the price was decent even if it was a fake (I live in Australia where we can only buy blank replicas for over $150). Anyway came across this site and figured id see if anyone may know more about these jerseys.





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Hopefully one of our Nike or Wings experts can confirm, but my initial reaction is fake.

The "game worn" stamp is normally a dead give away and the Nike swoosh looks incredibly sloppy (too rounded).

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Yea the tick never looked quite right to me either, thanks for the quick reply.

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If its a fake, its probably the best I've seen because my initial thought was that its real. The font looks correct and the Stanley Cup patch looks good. However, looking at the 4th picture, you can see that the red stripe is sewn as a separate piece of fabric. With both of my Nike authentics the stripe is sublimated into the air knit.

However, I'm no jersey expert, I just play one on the Internet.

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It is a fake. That's the same kind of Nike fake that has been around eBay for a while. The swoosh is off and the fight strap isn't stitched on right. The set stamp is off and that extra tag in the collar didn't come on Nike jerseys of that time.

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Old topic, but some other things that are also incorrect are:

No 2" Hem

The letter-spacing on Yzerman is a bit tight

Fight strap re-enforcement isn't stitched correctly

The elastic strap is the wrong material.

The "2" in 52 seems a bit funny

Any "Game-Worn" Detroit jersey doesn't normally include a lot of neck tags.

One thing they did get correct which is interesting is the "white elbow stitching"

I believe the elbow stitching for any jerseys other than Nike were red.

I've dealt with a fair amount of the Nikes and they are one of my favourite jerseys to hunt for.


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