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Red Wings TBTC jersey question.


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I'm thinking about purchasing this jersey from customthrowbackjerseys.com:


Its pricey, but they're one of the few places that sell the jerseys with name and number sewn on, instead of heat pressed, plus they include the 75th patch.

These are replicas, but I noticed a pretty large difference between them and the authentics. The top red stripe goes right up to the neck on the authentics, but its placed a lot lower on the replicas. Does anyone know why this is? Reference picture.

Also, the captain's C is wrong for the jersey. Was the original captain's "C", the one in the diamond, a patch, or was it all cut from twill and sewn? Is it possible to get this from anywhere? If so, I'll have them leave the "C" off so I can add my own.

Thanks in advance for the info.

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xcdude is selling an authentic Yzerman TBTC for a little more then what the one you listed is going for if you want to go the authentic route.

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