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Real or Fake?


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Hi everybody, I'm just a dumb firefighter looking for a good deal out here in Utah. We don't have ANY place look at jerseys out here let alone buy them soooo...

I'm new to these forums and collecting jerseys. Came across these on ebay and wanted your opinions as you guys seem to be the most "in the know" group I've ever come into contact with. I'm really confused because his prices are all over the place, with some being in the high 299 range and then some being in the 180 range.

bargain price

Midrange price

They both have identical descriptions, and they both use the same standard picture.

This is his online store. He has a ton of Penguins stuff again at very opposite sides of the price spectrum.


Thanks for your help.

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Your best bet might be to ask the seller. I can't see any reason there would be a difference in price like that for the same jersey, just a different size.

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The seller in the original post seems legit. I didn't see any obvious fakes and his prices aren't cause for concern, with the one exception noted by fireparamed.

My assumption would be that the seller just really wants to get rid of that particular jersey. Maybe he's had it for a while and the other sizes have been selling well. A size 50 in an authentic Edge is fairly small compared to the other sizes he's selling.

If you're interested in that exact jersey, I'd got for it. If you're wanting another size, but at the price of the size 50, then I'm sure it's worth asking, but I'd guess the seller will say no.

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You also might tryJ&J Distributing...they carry all kinds of crazy expensive game-worn Pens jerseys, but they have a lot of training and rookie camp jerseys as well that are the real deal and perfect for just knocking around in.

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