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Need a Cool Vegas Backstory


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So my buddies and I are discussing an upcoming trip to Vegas and we are all working on fun/creative/exciting back stories for when we go clubbing in Vegas. I need help coming up with something and my only rules are no lieing about military service/cop/fire fighting.

For example see my one friend John's 3 potential back stories:


Trained at the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Philadelphia, John was accepted to NYU to study in Modern and Hip Hop Dance. After graduation John kicked around Broadway with dance roles in shows such as Stomp and Rent. After unsuccessfully auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, John caught the eye of choreographer Shane Sparks. After roles in music videos by Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Lady Gaga, John was introduced to Kesha. After working on the Tik Tok video with her and Sparks, Sparks was arrested on child molestation charges. John made his choreography debut on the video Take it Off.


After graduating from the top ranked photojournalism program at Boston University, John took a job interning at Maxim Magazine. Feeling that their photo spreads lacked class and sophistication, John sought employment at a more reputable magazine. After spending six months in North Korea attempting to photograph the plight of the common Korean citizen, John was hired by GQ magazine to shoot celebrity spreads. After a successful shoot with James Franco, John is quickly rising to prominence in that publications photography department.


With a Master's degree from MIT and an BS from Harvard in microbiology, John was recruited into the Astronaut training program at NASA. Currently in his 3rd year of a 7 year program, John is tasked with training to run zero gravity experiments on microbial life in the International Space Station. This program will be run jointly with England, Russia, and Japan.

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