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Doing your own stitch work


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I'd like to start doing my own numbers/names. I know how to sew and have done number work on canvas for sails as a job. Before I dive into this I would like to get some tips from knowledgeable people on here that do their own.

Lining up the numbers on the back and sleeves correctly, are there templates? Coolhockey says they have a alpha pre-positioning paper is that one? Is there a place that just tells you the measurements?

Best place to get the loose number kits? Coolhockey, Gamedaysportsarchive, easternlettering, other better ones...?

Zigzag size setting on the large numbers, small sleeve numbers, and nameplate.

Where can you get blank airknit name plates, or should you just buy the pre-stitched?

Should you buy pre-stitched numbers or sew all layers into the sweater?

Or anything else that may help out.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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