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Is Reebok Releasing the 2.0's?


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I was looking at the description for the Penguins Winter Classic jersey on shop.nhl.com and it says, "Double-layered air-knit shoulder construction". The thing that confuses me is that the jersey still has the Reebok Vector on the sleeve. Maybe it's gonna be worn there in the future? Opinions?


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Interesting catch there Kane. Here are my thoughts on the possibilities.

A. Mistake in the description of the jersey. It does say '250g/m2 double knit polyester/spandex' which seems to indicate 1.0

B. Aliens

C. Reebok has some weird plan to market 2.0's but with a vector on the arm to distinguish them from on ice 2.0's

D. Shoulders are air knit only because it's a retro jersey.

E. Grassy Knoll.

Personally I think it's A/D. I'm still a staunch believer in the fact that Reebok will never retail 2.0's to cover up their failure. It is certainly an interesting situation to speculate on. Anybody else have theories?

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I just picked up a 2.0 Hank Zetterberg jersey from a friend in Chicago. I believe he said they were game issued and then he had it customized with zetterberg. From everything i read the 2.0's will not be available.

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