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CCM 550 Sizing Help


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Hey guys,

I just have another(hopefully) final question regarding the CCM 550 vintage replica jerseys and the sizing of them before I order. Since I own a Medium sized RBK jersey, what size should I go with in terms of the CCM 550 series? Medium or Large. I like how my RBK Premier fits although I hate that the sleeves on my RBK Premier are so long as I'm always scared that (since they're white) I might stain them or burn them with wayward ash from a cigarette. Are the sleeves on the CCM 550's made as long or are they shorter? As I find the RBK sleeve length to be quite a nuisance.

Anyways, what size should I go with Medium or Large.

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My link

This might help out. The photo shows my CCM Vintage Replica TBTC Blackhawks jersey on top of my RBK Premier Blackhawks jersey both size Medium.

The RBK is longer in the body and in the sleeves. The RBK is about an inch longer than the CCM in each sleeve.

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To add more confusion to the matter... I've found that CCM 550's run differently depending on the different styles that were produced (I'm assuming all jerseys listed below are considered 550 series, I can't find a model number on the tags).

I have the following jerseys and when placed on top of each other are about the same size (all Red Wings jerseys, but I doubt the size is different between teams):

Red KOHO replica, KOHO logo on neck, puck logo on hem, size XL

Red CCM replica, CCM logo on neck, nothing on hem. size L

White CCM Replica, CCM and Red Wings logo on hem, size XL (I own a Red version of this jersey as well, size L, and I would consider it too small for me, mostly because its too short in the arms and the total length.

Red CCM Replica, CCM logo on neck and puck logo on hem, size XL (Like the version above with the team logo on the hem, these jerseys fit seem to run short in both total jersey length and sleeve length)

Reebok Winter Classic replica, red wings, size L (these are Reebok, but the cut is in the style of the old CCM jerseys, not the Reebok Edge/Premier)

I'm 5'10' 200lbs. if that helps. The above jerseys fits comfortably loose like a hockey jersey should, but not like a tent.

Tape measures are your friend. Just measure one of your current jerseys that fits, and buy the CCM jersey that matches the dimensions. Of course, try it on before you buy if you can.

Lastly, these are my own personal preferences, and everyone likes their jerseys fitted differently. Just wanted to help give a point of reference.

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another question regarding the CCM 550 Vintage jerseys...

excellent replica's, everything is sewn on, however the front logo crests are heat pressed/glued to the jerseys. Would you recommend getting the outside border of the crest stitched around it???

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