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Game Worn Jersey Question


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Just wondering if you guys know who manages the resale of game worn jerseys for the Stars, Hurricanes, and Ducks.

Any help would be appreciated.


Stars are Meigray, the other 2 I believe handle their own sales.

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yeah, canes are handled internally, but sometimes pop up on nhl.com auctions (one might even be up now. if not, it ended last week).

i believe they're auctioned/sold at games only, so they're extremely hard to come by

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Darn, I was hoping they'd be more establish Meigray type companies to see if I could nab some old 6100's they might have lying around, or in the Stars case, grab one of the Green style worn in the cup, as I don't think the 98-99 CCM hem tagging versions were ever released at retail.

If Dallas had the same pattern as the other teams that unveiled alternates, then there likely were in fact retail authentics of the 98-99 style that were available.

With the earlier teams, there were no authentics in the first year since it was basically a trial run. But for those that lasted into a second year (Tampa, Vancouver, Boston), that's when they became available.

Since Dallas first rolled out the greenies in 1997-98, then they should have been available in 1998-99.

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