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Is it good or not? Game worn edition!


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Not sure if this deserves its own thread, but considering its 2am and I'm not on my best judgment anyways, here goes!

Size 52 Hull (gamer!?) with fight strap removed. Pictures below!






The jersey itself has tons of wear too, but I didnt want to post a million pictures.

Points for it being a legit gamer:

- The custom crafted stamp checks out compared to this one here on byrons hockeyland

- Fight strap unceremoniously snipped just like these two here

- Hull wore size 52 in the early 90s with the Blues, though his later Stars and Red Wings gamers are 56.

Points for it being some bogus reproduction, like that Shannahan Red Wings jersey that was discussed awhile back:

- Same point as above, he wore bigger sizes later on

- No A*

ok, and go!

*But hes not wearing an A here for a March 96 game


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I am just curious why the NHL logo was added on after the fact.

It is not uncommon for jerseys to have NHL logo added on as a patch during the 1989-1991 era. But this? A 1995-1996? I smell fish...

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I've seen Blues Hull jerseys in 52 and then I've seen Stars and Wings Hull jerseys in 56 so who knows what was going on there. The fact that the shield is sewn on and not embroidered though; that's a retail trait, not a gamer method. Unfortunately, I've also seen that stamp faked. It usually says 'playoff set' too. That must've been the only one the guy could get his hands on.

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what really bother me is the playoff set stamp it is more commonly faked stamp, Also is this is a dealer or just "some guy". Do you already own this jersey? The set tag could be a fake and obviously the shield is a concern as well. there is some nice marks on the 16 on the right you may be able to photomatch it through cards or getty.

in conclusion i would not buy this as a collector because there is more question marks then there is answers

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