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How hard to strip a jersey?


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I can't believe I'm considering this, but I was thinking about picking up one of these green Blackhawks jerseys. Really just for St Patty's day and probably for playing in. They're Chinese authentics so I'm sure the quality's not great, but as far as I know, these were never made as actual authentics.

I have an authentic crest and tomahawk patches. How difficult would it be to strip the current patches off? I could have my seamstress friend sew on the new patches in their place. I know it's probably not worth the hassle, but these jerseys can be found for $45, so if I ruin it, it's hardly a big deal.

Here's the jersey in question


I'd probably get a #9 jersey and put my name on the back


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Me personally, I wouldn't even put the work into it. I would wear it for hockey. I have a crappy knock-off Tavares jersey that I play in. Beat it up, and wear it out.

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