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The Henderson Jersey at risk!

Thelonious Sphere Monk

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I knew this would happen! I was worried about it happening before the story broke. now it seem my nightmares may come true.

The Canadian press is talking about hockey card company's buying jersey and chopping it up. :(

To them that are unaware of this sicking trend, It all started way back in the day in 00-01 Be A Player took the last known game used Vezina pads and put them on cards

Upper Deck did the same with one of the last known game used Ruth bat's and jerseys to top Be A player.

Now it seems history will repeat itself if a card company wins

Canadian Tire will post a $200k bid this week in hopes of winning it and keeping it untouched.

So if someone from forums could please do me a favor and win the jersey and not cut it up that would be great! thanks! :thumbsup:

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Well, they might want to turn back time a few days because it's way over $200,000 right now. It won't happen. A collector will get it, hold on to it for a little while and then, most likely, donate it to the Hockey Hall of Fame; where it belongs.

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the Be a Player brand is owned by Upper Deck but with their recent financial hardships nobody should be worried about them spending the coin on this jersey. The other big player in the hockey card market is In the Game which is owned by Dr. Brian Price. Dr. Price is an active member of hobbyinsider.net and an avid collector of hockey memoribilia. He has already stated that if he wins the Henderson it will go into his collection and will not be cut up for cards.

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Yes, I forgot! In The Game or ITG is the name of the company and Be A Player is just the name of one of their products. My bad. Lets just hope and pray that they don't cut it up who ever wins it.

I think the moral of the story is that "The sum of the parts is less great than the whole."

If you want a good laugh, Check out this interview with the Vezina pad card from back in 00'


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Here's the current skinny. Cross your fingers for HHOF to win please. :thumbsup:


Canada's Sports Hall of Fame now appears to have the inside track on acquiring the storied sweater, winning Henderson's personal endorsement as well as financial backing from Molson Canadian and the Forzani sporting-goods group.

Retail giant Canadian Tire has already placed a $200,000 bid for the jersey. But the company said Friday it would not get into a bidding war with Canada's Sports Hall of Fame and even offered to support the hall's campaign to make the Henderson sweater a "marquee" attraction when its new Calgary home opens next year.

Heritage Minister James Moore said last week that a federal fund for repatriating significant historical objects could cover up to 50 per cent of the jersey's sale price if it goes to a public institution.



OR GOVERNTMENT OF CANADA!?!??! (did i just say that last part?!?!)

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Brian Price the President of In the Game has said that if he were to win the jersey, it would be for his personal collection and would be loaned to the HHOF. Upper Deck just laid off a bunch of workers so I don't think they can afford to buy the jersey. That means it should be safe :)

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It is now officially the hightest value jersey ever sold. If not the most valued jersey of all time.

Good luck braking that $$$ amount. Wells jersey or not.

how about them apples guam64?


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