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This letterng kit


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you all would know better than i would

i have a Blue islanders jersey that is from the early 90's...

i want to turn it to a Hextall

so would this kit work the same on it or no?

pardon my ignorance im NEW to kits and the technical s of jersey collecting



aslo whats the diffrence betweewn un sewn and sewn BESIDED one is sewn and one is not!

thank you for help in advanced!

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According to NHLuniforms.com, the font used by the Islanders from 1984 - 1995 was different. It's thinner and if you look at the "1" it is not as squared. Also the names are only one color.


As for sewn or un-sewn, that is the difference. Both kits have the layers fused together, but the sewn kit also has the layers sewn together so the numbers can be glued to the jersey without stitching but still have the stitching look (like the old factory customized CCM 550s). The un-sewn kit is for when you want to have it sewn to the jersey.

Personally I don't trust 20 West, from my experience their fonts and colors are sometimes off (they don't use NHLPA kits) and they use twill nameplates. However, there are some other people who have bought from them with no issues.

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