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Suggestions on sewing machines for Twill


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Not sure if this is the right section but I am looking at purchasing a machine for twill cresting. I have been told the Singer 20u33 is a good one to get but does anyone have any other suggestions for a good heavy duty industrial machine for cresting numbers?



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My mom uses a Bernina 630 and it's a very tough machine, durable, made in Switzerland and can sew through almost everything.

I work at Bernina dealership so I recommend any of their machines for this sort of work, as I've seen what they can do with similar work.

They are in a higher price bracket, they are the BMW's of sewing machines.

I cannot speak for cresting numbers, but I did buy an Edge jersey and kit for my mom to customize my jersey. When she does, which should be this week,

I'll let you know!

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