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Maple Leafs jersey question


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I have a little bit of a dilemma I need help with. I have 3 99-00 blue Maple Leaf jerseys that need matching air-knit nameplates. I am looking to pick up a cheap replica Leafs jersey to cut up for the nameplates but I want to make sure the blue air-knit used is the same between authentics and replica's from 99-00 until the edge jerseys came out. I have compared all of my blue air-knit authentics and they are the same but I just want to be sure if I buy a replica it will be exactly the same shade. I have already tried a nameplate from Truman and it was a touch lighter as you can see in the picture, I want the shade to be exact


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To my knowledge the shade is the same between authentics and replicas.

Good to know.

I picked up a blank practice jersey at a local store today hoping it would be the same shade but no dice. It was made by CCM and the tag said royal blue which has more of a purple shade compared to my Leafs jersey's so back it goes and the search continues.

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