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Mystery Neck Tag Alteration

Burnaby Joe Sakic

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Hey guys...

I posted this over at Jersey Central and we can't figure this out. Thought I'd also post it here and see if those of you that aren't a member over there have some thoughts/insight/guesses or whatever. Here's what I'm talking about:



This is an alteration from one of my newest jerseys, a 2002-2003 Bates Battaglia game issue. It's a piece of black twill that's sewn through the jersey and through the Koho patch on the back of the neck. I also got an issue of his from the 2003-2004 season and there's nothing like this on that jersey.

My best guess is that it's there to cover the seam, but that's only a guess. And you guys know my collection, plenty of Avs game used jerseys and none of them have anything like this on them. You guys have any theories or have you seen anything like it anywhere?

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I actually talked to the seller and he said that this was a way to mark the game issued jerseys at that time. I'm a little confused about that because the issue from the next year that I got from that same seller has nothing like this on it. My best guess is that they marked the issues at the end of the season this way. Issues from during the season may not have been marked like this at all. I have a few more game issues from that era that aren't marked that way either. I'll keep searching for an answer from Avs sources too. That won't hurt. Thanks for the suggestion.

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