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Interseting read about 2010 Winter classic.

St. Patrick

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I found this on the vintage minnesota hockey web site. I thought it was really neat.

Sorry, after I copied it I noticed 2011.

2011 NHL Winter Classic in Minnesota?


The NHL's now annual Winter Classic event held every

winter since the 2003 inaugural "Heritage Classic" event

took place in Edmonton against the Oilers and Canadians.

The idea is to "bring the game back to it's roots"- where the

game "is meant to be played- in the elements" where all of

the players learned to love and play hockey- outside. The

idea was not only taken by storm with hockey enthusiasts

across the country, but has garnered attention to even the

casual sports fan making it a huge success at all levels.

Recently on December 24th our good friends at the website

theother6seconds.com proposed a rather interesting topic:

The 2011 NHL Winter Classic held in Minnesota at the Minnesota Twins new home: Target Field- slated to open in 2010. The idea of Minnesota hosting a Winter Classic- between the Minnesota Wild and Dallas Stars? Sounds like a grand idea! Minnesota has everything the NHL would need: Cold weather, rich hockey history to showcase, and a new outdoor venue with enough hockey hungry fans just salivating at the sight and sounds of a frozen puck clanging off the glass and goal posts. One thing that caught our eye was the attention to detail that Cole Jones (Webmaster of theother6seconds) took in designing a logo for the event, and also jerseys that each team could tentatively wear since the overwhelming theme is "vintage" at each Winter Classic. The idea's of Cole was examined quite heavily on numerous forums shown here. Cole drew sharp criticism with his idea of the Dallas Stars donning our beloved North Stars uniforms. Here is just an excerpt from a few of the posts on his website:

"I'm from Minnesota. The uniform aspect of this post shows a complete lack of awareness of what hockey means in Minnesota. Dallas wearing North Stars gear in a game in Minneapolis? No &$&^# way. Anyone who thinks that is a good idea or that it somehow pays tribute to the North Stars or Minnesota or whatever is a complete idiot."

"As a Minnesotan, I simply cannot support any proposal that has the Dallas Stars wearing a Minnesota North Stars uniform. The blogger here, not being from Minnesota, should probably be forgiven for his ignorance, though. Certainly, the blogger must see the North Stars' move to Dallas as a positive thing, but he needs to understand that Minnesotans were very, very angry about the move."

"As a Minnesota Native, I think this is brilliant, but I agree, I would not want to see the Dallas Stars wearing North Stars old uni's. It killed me that they practically kept the name the same when they left....It was like a constant reminder they were gone for good!"

"Great idea but let the Wild wear the NORTH star sweater and let the Stars wear the version of the early 1990's that just had the stars moniker."

How do we feel about this? We know for a FACT that Cole- be it he is a fan of the considered "enemy"- is in every way, shape and form LOVES and understands the history of where the Dallas Stars came from- MINNESOTA and his criticism is not warranted. We think it would be more fitting for the Minnesota Wild to don the uniforms of the St. Paul Athletic Club- the first professional Minnesota hockey team from the early 1900's. Even though it would bring about sharp criticism from nearly everyone in every corner of Minnesota- the idea of seeing an NHL game played on actual Minnesota frozen tundra, with a N-Stars uniform worn by the Dallas Stars? I have mixed emotions about this but am leaning more to "yes." Why you may ask- it would be completely a tribute to the game and history of hockey in Minnesota- one in which the North Stars were a huge part of for 26 seasons, and sadly where the team moved to after 1992. Plus it would be a huge marketing bonus for the NHL to bring back the North Stars uniforms as I for one would definitely would be looking to purchase as many game worn Dallas/N-Stars jerseys as I could get my hands on.

So for history's sake- Cole's idea is brilliant! Get it done NHL- we are the State-of-Hockey and deserve to have it showcased

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