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Looking for a Brian Lee jersey

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Check out this seller, I am currently awaiting a team issue Belfast Giants and he had some other EIHL team authentics. Also, just keep an eye out on ebay.co.uk for any blanks that might pop up and just get it customized later.

I would also recommend contacting the team to see if they retail any at the arena.

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Looks like you can get one from the team customized for about 65 GBP + Shipping.

So to your door you could probably have one for ~120 USD.


Sorry, I didn't make it clear in my opening post.

I'm a Coventry Blaze fan, and already have a replica. I'm looking for a jersey from his days in the ECHL/AHL

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My recommendation would be to work backward through his team history and call the teams if you are looking for a gamer. If not then you could start with this http://www.stocktonfanattic.com/ProductCar...p?idproduct=133 and then get it customized by them for another 100 USD. Kind of an expensive route, but I would also ask to make sure its the correct style he would have worn since most Minor League teams change very often.

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