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Practice Jerseys


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Hey guys, since I'm close to finishing my Coyotes set I figured i should probably still look at completing the practice jersey set as well. I have absolutely no knowledge of Practice jerseys, the styles worn or which styles were offered in authentic or replica.

I just purchased this one from Ebay.


Can anyone send me in the right direction on what styles were worn and possibly even what colors were offered. I would prefer to get more Authentics then replicas but i havent seen the current practice jerseys set sold in authentic.

Thanks for the help.

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I am pretty sure that the current practice jerseys have only been released as replicas. I am not sure of all the colors used by the Coyotes, but shop.nhl.com has brick and black available for sale.


Most teams don't have any names or numbers on them, but you would have to find pictures of the Coyotes practices to verify if they do or don't.

As for the old Center Ice styles, Meigray does have some Coyotes Practice worn jerseys available in various colors.


Edit: Looking at photos for the Coyotes practice, looks like they didn't wear names or numbers for actual practice, but I did find some where they did for training camp which makes sense since there are so many players who are new to the team.


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Prior to Reebok, the authentic practice jerseys were branded as Jofa and carried a size tag on the front.


Replicas sold in stores were all CCM.


The Wild only used numbers on the back in training camp.

They also used the old Jofa ones for an extra year after the Reebok game jerseys were introduced.

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Have either of you seen the Jofas for sale on eBay? So have there only been three styles of practice jerseys worn in the coyotes history, the one I purchased, the jofa and the current reeboks?

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