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How did I miss this for sooooooo long


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A little backround story on my 1997-98 Sharks jersey first before the pics.

I bought this jersey back in 1997 and had it customized shortly after with my favourite player at the time, Owen Nolan. The jersey sat in my closet for a few years only being worn once or twice when me and my buddy would go see the Leafs play the Sharks the one time a year they would come to town. Anyways, in 1999 I bought another sharks jersey and had Nolan put on that one as well so I then started using the 97 jersey to play pickup hockey in (what was I thinking :wacko:). After I smartened up and stopped using the jersey to play hockey in I put it back in the closet and that's where it's been ever since.

Now to the point of this thread. Recently I thought it would be fun to look online for pictures of the exact game-worn version of every authentic jersey I have. While looking for pics of a 97-98 Nike white Nolan jersey I found this;


It's not white but close enough I thought. So I saved this pic and threw it in the same folder the pics of my jersey are in but something didn't look right. Here's what mine looks like;


Yeah, the place that customized my jersey back in 97 didn't really do a good job using NHL spec font for the 1's and I never noticed until I found the pic of the game used lol.

So what to do. After thinking about it for a while I decided I couldn't leave the jersey how it was and began to strip everything off the jersey. The stripping went pretty good but the 1's on the back and arms did leave glue residue around the edges of the numbers that I took care of with some goof-off (fantastic stuff). Which left me with this;



Yeah there is still a tiny amount of residue but I'm pretty sure the new stuff will cover it up, if it doesn't I'll just hit it with more goof-off. Getting back on topic again I am trying to decide who to put on the jersey now that I have a blank canvas to work with. I already have a Nolan so I don't want to use him again but there are so many great options I could go with. I'm thinking Marleau rookie for this jersey but if you guys have other suggestions let's hear them.

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Tony Granato was on that team in 1998. He might be a clever choice that nobody else would probably have.

That is, simply put, the nicest Sharks jersey ever made too. The only year Nike made them before that lousy redesign while they still had the original style. Those were the days when the Sharks were those scrappy bunch of underdogs that had pulled monumental upsets by knocking off Detroit and Calgary in back-to-back Game 7's. Ahh the good old days!

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You could go with Stephane Matteau, Al Iafrate, or Mike Ricci. Not a lot of big names on that roster.

I can't put Iafrate on anything other then a leafs jersey. Ricci sounds interesting, always like watching him play.

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