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is this jersey authentic? please help!


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I've been looking everywhere for a Fleury jersey for my boyfriend for Christmas. I've found one on craigslist but know that the chances of buying a knockoff are high. I've read every "real or fake" article I can find including the one on this forum. I'm still, however, inconclusive. What do you think? Authentic or knockoff? All input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!












Thanks again!

(I couldn't get the images to show up in this window. Sorry!)

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One initial clue is "how much are they asking for it?"

If its well below the 299 retail then i would be cautious from the start.

My other concerns are as follows:

1) The front crest looks way too puffy.

2)The nhl logo on the front neck looks like it has horrible stitching. I have two edge authentics and on both the neck logo are sewn on the black portion of the logo to hide the stitching. That one appears to have it on the silver edge and is extremely noticeable.

Im not too well versed on the authenticity of the Edge jerseys but these are just my opinions.

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I would have to say based on your pictures, the jersey is fake. The size tag with the Canadian flag is off-center and as CanesCop pointed out, the NHL logo stitching is a bit fishy. I could also tell the number and letter stitching looks like it is embedded in itself. EDGE authentic stitching with multi-twill sort of stacks one on the other.

You can also tell by the bottom of the jersey, which you don't have pictures posted of on here. If the bottom is flat across, it's fake. If it rounded in a certain way, then it may be real. The end of the sleeves should also not be even, they should be curved, unlike regular long sleeve shirts where the sleeves are even.

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That jersey's faker then a 3 dollar bill but it is one of the better fakes I've seen. The fight strap, NHL shield and RBK logo on the back are dead giveaway's. First of all you can tell by looking at the picture of the back of the jersey that it is missing the piece of twill that overlaps the fight strap on the inside of the jersey. Secondly, the stitching job on the shield and logo on the back are horrible, a real jersey from RBK would never come out the factory looking like that.

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Im sure its fake, but does anybody else think the letter stictching looks half way decent for a fake?

Yeah the stitching looks decent and they even used glacier twill for the top layer. Like I said this is one of the better fakes I've seen.

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