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Keith Ballard...


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So not only does he take Vokoun out with his stick on Monday, tonight he runs Craig Anderson in overtime of the Panthers/Avs game.

So which unsuspecting NHL goaltender is next?

Video of the Vokoun incident:


Craig Anderson incident:

I'm not sure what to think...I don't follow the Panthers much, is Ballard typically this kind of rough player? If not, you have to wonder why he is so cursed and keeps injuring goalies.

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As soon as I heard a teaser for this, my immediate thought was "Geez, I hope this wasn't done by Jordan Leopold." who is a former Minnesota Gopher whose career has been hampered by injuries.

Sure enough, it turns out to be former Gopher Ballard instead. :rolleyes:

Then the next game he takes out the Colorado goalie Anderson for the remainder of that game...

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The Craig Anderson incident... thats a bit iffy.

I can tell you one thing though, if it was a Ron Hextall he did that to, Ron would of jumped right in that pile to beat the crap out of him.

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