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Starter Jerseys and their Jersey Mistakes


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Hey guys,

I was specifically make this post to comment on a few differences between the Starter Replica Coyotes alts i have and the Authentic Pro Player i just picked up, but i figured we could include all teams.

Well to start:

Phoenix Coyotes:


I have two Phoenix Coyotes Alternates Replicas made by Starter, I remember us talking about them in a post but i cant seem to find it. The two Replicas i have include a purple band separating the chest portion of the jersey from the desert. I also noticed that the lizards are pointing up on the authentic and down on the replicas. Does anybody know why this is? Im almost ashamed of asking because i should know this information, Lol.

Home and Away: The shoulder patches are right up on the neck line instead of lower on the shoulder.

If any body else has any other details to post either regarding this team or others feel free. I just wanted to see how many mistakes we could find between teams.

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They have the wrong coloured numbers sometimes too.

From the eBay thread:


Does anyone know why these Coyotes Alternates always seem to have the wrong coloured numbers?
Starter was rather lazy in customizing their own products. I've seen plenty of the Coyotes with the wrong color numbers. I've also seen Devils jerseys with the wrong font for the numbers.
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Starters Quality Control never seemed like it was as good as it should have been. My very first Buffalo Sabres jersey was a Starter jersey and it had the Western Conference patch on the back hem.

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I once had a white Martin Brodeur Devlis jersey where they used the font "machine" for the numbers, the same font for the Minnesota Wild red jersey, and nothing close to what it should have been.

I recall Modano Dallas Stars jerseys having numbers that were way too thick as well.

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To answer the OP's question about the Coyotes' Starters, the retail authentic white and black (made in El Salvador) had the shoulder yokes that have a "v" in the back, thus the shoulder patches at the collar.


The game-issued jerseys made in Wisconsin, have straight shoulder yokes and lower patches. I'm too lazy to dig them out and take a picture, but I have a couple of each and there is a difference.

The replica Phoenix thirds by Starter also have the wrong colored collar.

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Heres a compare and contrast on the Phoenix Alternate now that i got an authentic.

Authentic Proplayer


Starter Replica


rabinsurance, i noticed the collar right before you posted it. Has anyone seen a starter Authentic of the Alternate? I would like to see if it looks like there replica or if it is correct like the Proplayer?

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I remember seeing them play with those when they were introduced in early 1999, and the collars were always beige, not the sand color of the replica. I never noticed the purple trim border till much later, probably when I got my Pro Player authentic and replica. The bad collar always distracted me. They only played with those Starter thirds for the first year.

In the mid-90's when Starter made their big push into hockey, they also made replicas for some IHL teams, Atlanta, Detroit, Minnesota, and LA come to mind. I have a white LA Ice Dogs Starter replica which has a few errors, the collar is two color instead of three, and the dog paw sublimation on the sleeves is missing a few of the details. The best part of this is the crests, on the chest and shoulders. Well made. And the shoulder patches were real patches, unlike the Bauer replica that features sublimated shoulder patches (LA and the paw). And IIRC, the Starter Detroit Vipers dd not have the shoulder patches at all.

All in all, however, I am still a fan of the Starter jerseys, authentics and replicas despite the errors that they may have. Starter is still a large portion of my collection.

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