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Chicago Fires Yawney


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Well, Chicago fired Trent Yawney, so there's another coach losing his job this year.


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This is another unfortunate case of 'you can't fire the players'. Chicago started off great this year and then got hit hard with injuries to some of their top players...Khabibulin, Handzus, Bourque(Rene!) and Havlat to name a few. Throw in the fact that the Hawks have 49 goals on the year, have scored only 3 goals in their last three games AND have been shutout 4 times already this year, it was only a matter of time before he got the axe. Maybe Savard can salvage some of the season.

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Honestly - I'm not one to say teams ride on one player's shoulders, but when you're as bad as Chicago - the only thing that can salvage any of the season is Havlat. He was everything, when he went down, even before those other injuries, they started losing. They've won once or twice since.

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