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Question about my Rangers jersey


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I posted this question in the "it arrived today" thread but didn't get a response so I thought I'd try a separate thread. Anyways I posted up this Rangers jersey I picked up for cheap as seen here;



Anyways, I discovered that my size 48 jersey is only 29 inches long which is 3 inches shorter then what a size 48 should be which is 32 inches long. I thought that my jersey must have been an irregular or something but searching through Ebay I found this;

Rangers jersey

Looking at the description the seller states that this jersey is also 29 inches long just like mine so what is the deal with these Ranger jerseys? Is 29 inches the correct length for these jerseys or is something else going on? I am bringing this up because I am a little worried the lettering kit I ordered will not fit on the back because the jersey is 3 inches shorter then normal and the Rangers had the arched name that takes up more space then a straight name. If someone has the same jersey in their collection in a size 48 that is only 29 inches long and has been customized successfully please respond and let me know I have nothing to worry about.

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